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Hurricane Checklist

FBAlliance Hurricane Checklist

Prepare and Protect Your Home for Storm Season

Prepare and Protect Your Home

We would like to share some information about what you can do before and after a severe storm like a hurricane in order to prepare and protect your property.

Hurricane season started June 1st, so if you haven’t started preparing for this year’s storms, the time is now. Stay ready for a storm by following our Storm Preparation and Storm Protection checklists.

Hurricane Preparation Checklist


Check that carports, porches, decks, canopies, and sheds are structurally sound and firmly attached.
Bring lightweight outdoor items inside to prevent them from becoming projectiles.

Windows and Doors

 Caulk around windows and doors.
 Install commercial storm shutters or cut 5/8″ exterior grade plywood to fit each window.
 Reinforce your garage door with a vertical garage door brace.
 Install head and foot bolts to entry doors to prevent them from blowing in.
 Make sure windows and doors are locked


 Trim tree branches away from your roof.
 Use hurricane straps or clips to fasten the roof to the frame of your home.

Inside Your Home

 Test sump pumps and drains.
 Install surge protectors.
 Unplug unnecessary electronics.
 Keep fresh backup batteries on hand.


 Make an official inventory of the contents of your home. Take photos and videos. Keep the file in a safe place, or keep a digital copy in the cloud.
 Keep a copy of your insurance agent’s information handy.

Hurricane Protection Checklist


 Do not return home (or remain indoors) until an official “all clear” is given.
 Obey Evacuation Orders.


 Avoid downed power lines. Never touch anything in contact with power lines, including trees or water puddles that may be near them.
 Be wary of any gas lines that may have been damaged or broken. If a gas leak is suspected, stay out of the property until the utility company deems it safe.
 Do not operate charcoal grills, propane camping stoves, or generators indoors. Make sure you have adequate fuel for them, though, as they can be very useful when used outside during prolonged power outages.


 Board up broken windows to help deter vandalism or other additional damage.
 Salvage and secure undamaged items.
 After power is restored, check the refrigerator for spoiled food.
 Take reasonable and safe mitigation measures to prevent additional damage.

Insurance Claims

 Contact your insurance agent ASAP and provide a description of the damage.
 Write down your adjuster’s name, phone number, and work schedule.
 Prepare a list of damaged or lost items for your adjuster. Consider photographing or videotaping the damage to document your claim. Keep damaged items or portions of them until the claim adjuster has visited.
 Keep accurate records of your expenses. Save bills and receipts from temporary repairs. (Avoid making permanent repairs until your Claim professional has reviewed the damage.) Keep accurate records of any other expenses incurred.
 If you think your home might be unsafe due to storm damage, discuss finding temporary accommodations with your agent or adjuster. If you need to relocate, keep records and receipts for all additional expenses.


To make sure you’re covered for damages caused by hurricanes, contact your FBAlliance Insurance Agent. Click here to find an agent.

FBAlliance Insurance is providing this document as a courtesy to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding coverage for damage due to hurricane. This document does not change or replace any policy language and you should review your Homeowners Declaration Page and Policy contract for exact terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.